How do I register to the Patient Safety Program?

To register to the Patient Safety Program you just need to:

  • Click on "Create a new account" on the Home Page
  • Enter the compulsory fields (marked with an *)
  • Accept the privacy policy

You will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to confirm your subscription. By clicking on that link you will be adressed to a page where you will be asked to enter the PSP code. Once entered and confirmed, your registration will be active and you will be able to start using the PSP website.

What is a PSP code?

The PSP is an exclusive program that can be accessed only by authorised users. That's why you need to link your subscription with a personal code to be confirmed upon registration.

How to request a PSP code? 

You would like to access the Patient Safety Program and you do not have a code? Do not worry. You can follow one of the following options:

  • You are a PDC Healthcare/PDC Healthcare distributor customer: contact your sales team and request your PSP code
  • You would like to become a PDC Healthcare customer: once you have created your new account and confirmed your activation mail, you will be redirected on the page where to enter the PSP code. If you do not have a valid PSP code you can just link on the button to request a code. You will be contacted by our sales team as soon as possible to verify your request.

Does the PSP code expire?

No, our PSP code is not linked to a duration. You will be able to use it event after a long time.


How do I start a course?

To start a course is very simple: you just need to go to the "My course" page where you can see the list of the modules.

By clicking on the green "+" button you immediately have a preview of the module including:

  • the video
  • the training button
  • the test button
  • the check list button

Once you have seen the video, you can start the course by clicking on the training button

How do I get to the test?

To have access to the test it is compulsory to have completely followed the training. Only once you have completed the training, the test button will become accessible and you will be able to access it.

How do I complete a test?

The test is made of 10 questions. To complete a test you just need to click on a minimum of 9 right answers.

What if I do not pass the test?

If you make 2 errors or more, the test is not passed. You just need to come back to the training and, once completed, you can do the test again. Do not worry: you can do the training as many times as you need. 

How to fill the check list?

Once you have passed the test, you become a patient safety expert and you can have access to the check list. The check list is made to let you easily follow the implementation of the PSP requirements. Every time you implement a new step in your daily activity you just need to click on the check list button that will be filled. 

How do I know that I completed the online module?

You can have a quick look at the status of the modules in "my course" page. On the right side of the module name, you can see the status of the modules (incomplete-completed). Every time you pass a test, the status is automatically updated.

Do I need to save the completed checkpoints?

No. The system provides an automatic update every time a task is done. You just need to concentrate on the Patient Safety Program.

Can I take a break while working on a course?

No problem. There is no time limit to complete a task. You just need to consider that if you close the PSP website in the middle of a process, you just need to start it back. We suggest you to finalise the activity or to leave the page open.

What does the references section contain?

Every module has a reference section, which is made of three categories:

FILES: here you can find additional PDC Healthcare documents about the PSP module. Every document can be visualised or downloaded.

REFERENCES: here you can find external documents that have been used as a source for the modules. Every document can be visualised or downloaded.

PRODUCTS: here you can find the references to the best PDC Healthcare products for that specific module.


Can I visualise my certificate?

Yes. Every time you complete a test, you can immediately click on the certificate image to download it. You can also find the certificate in your account page, under the "succeeded modules" section

Can I imprint my certificate?

You can. The certificate image is in a good resolution and that be imprinted.

How can I see the modules I completed?

You can have access to all the modules you have succeeded in your account page 


I forgot my password

If you forgot your password, you just need to click on the button on the home page. The password will be sent again to your email.

Are passwords case sensitive?

Yes, they are. Passwords are case sensitive and they must contain at least one number.