About PSP

With tens of millions of patient worldwide suffering injuries or death every year due to unsafe medical practices and care*, patient safety continues to be among the healthcare industry’s top priorities.

The patient safety program is a set of processes and tools that PDC Healthcare has been developing through our worldwide experience and knowledge.

We are now glad to share this program with your hospital, in order to guide you towards implementing a working identification system which will allow you to check the identity of patients and match the correct patient with the correct system.

By implementing an identification system, your hospital will get several advantages :

Secure patients: through an identification system you can save patient lives by reducing medical errors and misidentification issues

Systematic prevention of medical errors: create an identification system means designing processes of care to ensure that patients are safe from accidental injury

Maintain regulatory compliance: by standardizing medical processes, error rates will get lower and staff productivity higher

Prevent liability expenses: every medical error implies a cost for your hospital which could include additional hospital stays, extra medical services and legal advice. The Food and Drug Administration estimates that one error could value up to 180,000 USD

Patient experience: your hospital’s reputation will be better, bringing with it an economic output

Higher satisfaction: of nurses, physicians and staff

PDC Healthcare’s positive identification solutions help healthcare institutions to protect patients, reduce risk, and adopt best practices to achieve compliance with important regulations listed below. In fact, the top rated and safest hospitals in the U.S. choose and rely on PDC Healthcare products and services.

                                                                                                                                              *Research for Patient Safety, WHO, 2008